Off to Richmond

Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't typically take days off. There isn't a single day of the week where I am free of obligation. Whether it's school or work, I always have somewhere to be or something to do. This routine is ordinary. But to say the least, you never know how badly you need a day off until you actually get one, and so upon learning that my Wednesday night class was canceled, we planned last week's day trip to Richmond to see friends in A Will Away.

This day trip was such a success. Chris, a good friend of mine, and I made it down to Richmond with just enough time to catch a meal with our friends, snap photos, and enjoy 70-degree weather just before an upcoming blizzard. This day was such a vital refresher. I wholeheartedly suggest you go see your favorite band in a new city. Whether you're friends or a fan, it's something I cannot recommend enough. Escape for the day. Listen to music you love. It's all-too refreshing to experience something you already love somewhere new.

The best part of having friends in bands is seeing them seasonally, even they typically live far away. I am so thankful for friends like Johnny, Josh, Sean, Matt, and Collin of AWA. Nothing makes me happier than seeing good people do great things. Additionally, I'm thankful for new friends in Boston Manor and Trophy Eyes. If you get the chance, take the time to listen to A Will Away, Boston Manor, and Trophy Eyes. Their music is all available on Spotify.