Reservoir Hill with Julianne

Reservoir Hill with Julianne

A week or two ago I finally got to "officially" meet my Instagram friend, Julianne. Though we've run in similar circles before, this was the first time we had actually talked face-to-face. Julianne is one of the faces of Brightside Boutique, which explains why her outfits are always so cute. She's creative and fashionable, and she even sewed herself a pair of pajama pants on the first day of owning a sewing machine. And so, to say the least, I have a girl-crush on Julianne.

Following meeting at a friend's, we decided to get together this week, and I was lucky enough to spend the day shooting with her where we took photos, climbed a tree, and walked her practically-famous dog, Meeko. The only downside to the day was the number of times I had to stop because I misplaced my lens cap. Shooting with someone with real modeling experience is a game-changer. I'm so happy with how all of these photos turned out! 

 Be sure to follow Julianne on Instagram to see more from this shoot and more of Meeko. 

Julianne's Instagram: @JSelkes